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March 5, 2024

Made in Montana Cannabis Growing Series: Deep Roots in a Modern Industry

Budding cannabis within the legacy Collective Elevation grow in Montana.

Montana is a state with deep agricultural roots, and cannabis growing is no exception. We’re lucky to have a few growers in our state who’ve been in the game for decades, and these growers now bring the fruits of their labor to the modern cannabis market. Through the meticulous processes of phenotype selection, creating unique hybrids with superior genetics, and careful cultivation, the plants produced by these growers represent the highest quality cannabis you can find. 

Collective Elevation’s products and business practices represent a blend of tried and true cultivation methods; sustainable, environmentally friendly processes; and a focus on the highest quality. We uniquely combine time honored cultivation traditions with modern technology to create the best quality products on the market. By focusing on quality over quantity, we produce superior cannabis with unique flavors and optimal health benefits.

At Collective Elevation, one of our most important goals is also to employ sustainable practices and growing techniques, and to engage in environmental stewardship. By using organic farming methods and minimizing the environmental impact of our grow, we are ensuring that we’re doing our part in protecting our state’s resources. 

We also prioritize the values of consumer education and community partnership. Our owners give regular tours of our farm, lab, and manufacturing facility to teach other growers about sustainable methods, how to improve plant health, and how to set up a grow for optimal energy savings and results. We are dedicated to teaching other growers the lessons we’ve learned through a combined 20+ years of growing experience. Owners Adam Arnold and Karl Kirschenmann also speak regularly at industry events and work with groups like the Montana Cannabis Guild and the MTCIA to advocate for cannabis business and consumer concerns.  

Overall, our focus is on: 

Quality: The quality of our cannabis is paramount. We optimize taste, health benefits, and cannabinoids/terpenes by starting with organic, high nutrient living soil. Our greenhouses are all sun assisted, which helps maintain healthier plants and better outputs. Our manufacturing facility, lab and kitchen all focus on creating unique craft products that are healthy and flavorful. 

Variety: We maintain a diverse range of cannabis strains, some of which may have been preserved for generations. By balancing classic strains with our own unique hybrids, we offer a wide selection of options for every cannabis user. We are also dedicated to offering a variety of consumption methods, including flower, capsules, carts, concentrates, edibles, and drinks--all in a variety of potencies. We are also proud to carry a wide selection of products from other Montana cannabis companies, including Alpenglo Apothecary, United Cannabis, and Fused Cannabis.   

Sustainability: Collective Elevation prioritizes sustainable, environmentally friendly, organic processes, including using living soil, sun assisted greenhouses, water conservation, energy efficient lights, integrated pest management and beneficial insects, composting, and biodiverse companion crops.    

Community Impact and Education: We are dedicated to supporting our local Montana community and educating consumers on issues related to sustainability, environmental concerns, the economic impact of our industry, job creation, health concerns, and a host of other relevant topics. We support our local community through regular interaction and engagement, by running a socially and environmentally responsible facility, sourcing local inputs, and by supporting other local cannabis operations with the same values. 

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