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May 18, 2024

Partnership Series: Sinful Natural Strawberry Drink

Advertisement for Sinful Natural, a THC-infused strawberry beverage made with natural ingredients and sun-assisted, living-soil grown cannabis.

At Collective Elevation, we pride ourselves on cultivating award winning, living soil sun grown cannabis flower. Not only is our flower the best in the state, we also provide extracts used in many premium cannabis products throughout Montana. These manufacturers choose our flower due to its high terpene content, diverse cannabinoid profile, and overall quality. Living soil sun grown plants are healthier, more pest resistant, and provide a better taste than plants grown using other methods, making them highly sought after as inputs for cannabis products. 

We use a precise extraction process to distill premium cannabinoids and terpenes from our flower, maintaining the highest quality while reducing environmental impact. This process results in a highly potent and pure extract that is a valuable and versatile input for a wide range of cannabis products. 

Recently, we’ve partnered with Sinful Beverages to create an all natural Strawberry THC drink using distillate made from Collective Elevation’s premium flower. This drink is made with natural ingredients, and provides a healthier alternative to other THC drinks. 

  • 100 mg fast acting THC per bottle
  • Made with natural flavors, sweeteners and colors
  • Natural preservation
  • Marijuana extract distilled from sun grown, living soil plants
  • 8 oz per bottle
  • 10 servings per bottle
  • Recyclable bottle 

This partnership highlights our commitment to providing the healthiest cannabis products possible using organic, environmentally friendly methods. 

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